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about prints

The prints of my original paintings are created by an Iris printer, otherwise known as giclee. This is a digital process using a commercial inkjet printer, the Iris. The inks are archival, as well as the somerset cotton paper they are printed on.

There are several advantages to this process. The image is an extremely accurate reproduction of the original. Once the color proofing is accomplished, consistent multiple images are assured. The most compelling reason I found was that I can afford to print a few at a time and sell them at a reasonable price. Therefore, I can self-publish. I chose to limit the edition of each image simply because, as a printmaker, unlimited production doesn’t sit right with me. I’ve chosen 555 as the limit in all my editions of giclee prints. Please note that I do have a woodcut print available “Three Graces” I carved the image from mahogany and printed three variations in editions of 12.

Printmaking is a process I have enjoyed for many years and was employed at for several years. One day hope to do more printmaking creating small editions of artists books.

price list


“Radiating Heart” watercolor original 22”X22” $1200. prints available 10”X10” $50. 20”X 20” $100.

“Dynamic Balance” watercolor original 15”X15” $800. prints available 10”X10” $100.

“Full Breath” watercolor original 40”X40” sold. prints available 20”X 20” $100.

“Oceanids” watercolor original 22”X22” $1200. prints available 20”X 20” $100.

“Where Merlin Sleeps” watercolor original 15”X15” $800. prints available 10”X10” $50.

“Transformational Goddess” watercolor original 10”X10” $700.

“Duality” watercolor original 10”X10” sold.

“Fluidity” watercolor original 15”X15” sold prints available 10”X10” $50.

“Frog Goddess” watercolor original 3.5”X 3.5” $125.

“New Moon Lilies” watercolor original 10”X10” $700.

“Solar Flower” watercolor original 10”X10” $500.

“Spiral Dance” watercolor original 20”X 20” sold.

“Trilisk” watercolor original 12”X12” sold.

“Twin Flame” original watercolor 10”X10” sold.

“Fire Horses” original watercolor 5”X 5” sold.

“Intention” original watercolor 10”X 10” $500.

“Seeking” original wartercolor 10”X 10” $500.

“Sowing” original watercolor 10”X 10” sold.

Book Arts

“Map of My Life” color pencil & ink 3”X 4” $300. (one of a kind)

“Love is All” mixed media 6.5”X 6.25” $300. (one of a kind)

“Tree Wisdom” mixed media 7”X 9” $400. (one of a kind)

“Sketch Book Drawings” copy transfer & ink 10”X 21” $500. (one of a kind)

“Dogs” mixed media 6.5”X 9.5” closed $300. (one of a kind)

Oil Paintings

“Drawing Self” oil on canvas.

“Family Nova” oil on pannel 20”X 20” sold.

“Malibu Flood I” oil on canvas 36”X 40” sold.

“Malibu Flood II” oil on canvas 36”X 40” $900.


“ Pamoosa Creekbed” original watercolor 22.5”X 23” $1200. prints available 20”X 20” $100.

“Old Castle Ranch” original watercolor 22”X 30” sold prints available 10”X 14.5” $50.

“Borreggo Springs” original watercolor 22”X 30” sold.

“Green House” original watercolor 22”X 26” $850.

“Healing Retreat” original watercolor 22”X 30” $600. (unframed)

"Moosa Creek” original watercolor 22”X 15” sold.

“Topanga Park” original watercolor 15”X 22” sold.

“Trancus Canyon I” original watercolor 22”X 30” $600. (unframed)

“Trancus Canyon II” original watercolor 22”X 30” $600. (unframed)


“Arianrhod” original watercolor 7”X 11” $650. prints available 6.25”X 9.25” $30.

“Conscience” original watercolor 3.5”X 8” $85.

“Dance of Life” original watercolor 7.5”X 22” $700.

“Dark Fey” original watercolor 10”X 13” $150. (unframed)

“Green Man” original watercolor 9”X 10” $650. prints available 8.5”X 9” $30.

“Horned One” original watercolor 4”X ^’ $450.

“Mysteries of Rebirth” original watercolor 22”X 30” $1350. prints available 15”X 20” $100.

“Unconscience” original watercolor 3.5”X 8” $85. (unframed)

“Lord and Lady” original watercolor 30”X 22” sold.

“Three Graces” woodcut 12”X 17” $200. (unframed)

“Voices” original watercolor 7.5”X 12” $150. (unframed)



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